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The Band


Out of the strangest depths of San Francisco's tenderloin district comes the howl of a mighty three headed beast, known to the local vagrants as  KingKongZilla.


KingKongZilla is a trio brought together by a mutual love and appreciation of all things freaky and groovy. Finding common ground in the likes of Frank Zappa, Primus, The Talking Heads, and Pink Floyd, it wasn't long before drummer Isaac Pond, guitarist William Chason, and bassist/synth player Alex Schwartz began pushing boundaries of their own, exploring new sonic territory through improv and songwriting, and most importantly, having a great goddamn time doing it. Soon after honing a sound that was as fun and danceable as it was spaced out and grinding, the band began to make it's mark on the local psychedelic rock scene, playing shows all over San Francisco, as well as Oakland, Pacifica, Santa Cruz, and Oroville.


In the live setting, KingKongZilla completely lives up to it's name, hammering out a larger than life concoction of funky grooves, psychedelic landscapes, doom-metal noise, the dark side of disco, robot synths, and good old freaked out rock and roll. A monstrous force to be reckoned with. This band truly brings it's own style to the Bay Area's legacy of psychedelic rock, while at the same time putting on a show that has something for everybody.